Sunday, February 23, 2014

DSLR-Tethering Update w/WiFi

D-DSLR Tethering Update:

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   1. CameraRC Tethering Software
  - Cannon and Nikon friendly software, CameraRC claims to be mac and windows supported but upon further reading it only works inside a virtual machine or via bootcamp in Win 7 & 8.1 when used on a Mac. So it's still windows only.

   2. SofortBild
  - A mac only software,  this is a very basic application that is missing a lot of nicer features of software I have reviewed previously, there does not appear to be any additional functionality in the live view beyond digital zoom and seeing what your shot might look like under current conditions prior to taking the shot. Supports Nikon & Canon cameras. It is as of the time I am writing this actively developed and completely free. The author warns that the App store version of this software is not up to date, to get the most recent version download it from his site directly. While live view is active none of the camera settings can be changed from the software until you turn it off.

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SofortBild App Tethering
   3. Breeze Systems NKRemote & DSLR Remote Pro
  - NK Remote is as the name implies a Nikon only windows based solution for tethering.
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NK Remote Screenshot
  - D-SLR Remote Pro is a canon only distribution with both Windows and Mac versions, the publisher warns that the Mac distribution is not as full featured as the windows version.
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The cannon only version available for Mac & Win
   4. TetherPro
  - Windows only application that works with both Canon and Nikon. Some remote controls are available VIA web browser session in aOS or iOS (Droid and Apple portable devices) when the device is connected to a PC.

   5. gPhoto 
  - A Multi OS Tethering platform, released under GPL open source licensing guidelines, it appears to be actively developed. You will need to compile this application on whatever OS you are operating under since it does not include the needed binaries to execute upon unpacking it. The last code update was Jan 10th, 2014.

   6. Entangle
  - Another entry into the GPL based self compiled distributions, if you are not comfortable with CLI (command line interfaces) and compilers this and #5 may not be for you.
The last stable release was marked Dec of 2013.
Screenshot of Entangle Tethering App

D.I.Y WiFi Tethering Solutions

D.I.. Y? WHY U ask? For SCIENCE!
  There are not many satisfactory solutions out there except for a nice fully self contained commercial solution like Cam Ranger and some ridiculously overpriced crap from Canon and Nikon.
There is no decent setup for the guy who does not want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the privilege of wirelessly controlling their camera. I have read about various D.I.Y solutions to this problem and have decided to make a listing of the known methods for accomplishing this task.

I am a big proponent of D.I.Y and self education, because that is where most of my knowledge over the years has come from.

This hot tip is courtesy of with a helpful video giving you a visual of the what it does after everything is installed. This experiment is not for the faint of heart and does require familiarity with router setups and firmware updates. Buy a TP-Link TL-MR3040follow the instructions for modification and setup provided in the link to the film noob site above. The end result should leave you with a battery powered hub that plugs directly into your camera allowing you control over your camera through a variety of aOS and iOS devices in addition to desktop and laptops with supported software. Line of sight signal range of approximately 30 feet.
Some devices that work in Ad-Hoc network mode may work slower than it would if it were going through a router, since this is an actual router it may solve that problem.

There are others but I'm not finding any that show any signs of working or that still exist, i will update this section later as I find more.

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